sobota, 30. marec 2013

Feel like dancing in the rain?

As it seems it is going to be a rainy spring this year. But nevermind, we have to face the facts. At least storms, rain, water and umbrellas can give interesting ideas and inspiration for artists. And that is just good for us, searching unique designs for gifts.

I guess the rain can be cute.

                                 Grey and Pink Owls note card
Grey and Pink Owls note card by sweet_victory

Now, this one is interesting, you must admit. Playing with drops and all.

Colour Rain Post Cards
Colour Rain Post Cards by WillowCreativeStudio

This one is a little bit scary, at least if you love your iPhone. But looks nice.

Rain Drops on Blue Glass Case-Mate iPhone 4 Case
Rain Drops on Blue Glass Case-Mate iPhone 4 Case by Awesome_Photos

Birds love the rain. It makes their food crawl out. A nice spring poster:

A pilow is a nice gift. A motive before the storm:

                                Garden before the storm throw pillow
                                    Garden before the storm throw pillow by Catchy_Little_Art

This one explains exactly how I feel outside in such weather. And how I look. But, I think this canvas can look stylish on the wall. Depends what else is there.

April Gallery Wrapped Canvas
April Gallery Wrapped Canvas by bridgemanart

What a cute iPhone cover, is it not?

If it is not going to stop raining, fine. Let it rain. I feel like swimming now.

That summer holiday iPhone 5 cases
That summer holiday iPhone 5 cases by Catchy_Little_Art

Some more interesting rain and umbrella motives:

Portrait of young woman holding purse and umbrella pinback buttons
Portrait of young woman holding purse and umbrella pinback buttons by ZZVE_illustrations

After all these nice designs I am sure you feel like dancing and singing in the rain. Well, if not.. just watch this, I am sure it will help!

Now, share the idea with others by sending a postcard:


And it is going to be a nicer raining time for everyone.

petek, 29. marec 2013

Give a tie

We all know, what a tie is and what it is for. Its history is long, surely lot longer, than the tie itself (they seem longer when you want to tie them). It was worn by soldiers, as part of the uniform and as a symbol of belonging to particular group.

Today it is, I believe, an important fashion accessory. If picked right and combined nicely, it could totally change a man wearing it. 

A tie can be funny, and you still do not have to dress as a clown:

I think nowadays it is popular to have retro ties:

Or a fairytale tie:

And this one is cute:

A nice example of an artistic tie with special pattern:

A tie can also be very colourful, but yet still stylish. You have to know how to wear this, it is not just for anyone:

As you see, there is no problem to buy a nice and special tie for special someone. Ofcourse to tie a tie is as important as finding a right one. Accept if you are planning to give a tie to someone you do not really care how he looks. Or to someone, who knows how to tie himself a tie. If that exists. So, here is a link that might help you.